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University Didactics for Health Professions Education

  • Type Master Course (extra-occupational, attendance day vary according to Semester)
  • Duration 4 Semester
  • Locations Linz
FH Hochschulditaktik 12 11 2022 18 bearb RGB

Job description

University didactics deals with all aspects of learning, teaching and research in the comprehensive basic and advanced education for health professions. The graduates are in the position to diagnose and analyse based on their scientific know-how and using methods of didactic problem solving as well as to develop and realise target-group specific solutions. They can combine know-how with practical experience and convey these in a didactically meaningful way. With this expertise there are many possibilities for the graduates. They can take on a teaching- or management task in educational institutions of the health professions or work as work practice supervisors. Furthermore they also work in academic education development. The graduates are also in demand as experts in the field of research assistance.

Business Field

  • full-time and part-time teachers in educational institutions with a focus on education management, coordination, development or assistance of programmes or studies with a focus on health educational programmes for the health professions projects
  • training supervisors or mentoring within the framework of the education to a health profession
  • research assistant