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University Didactics for Health Professions Education

  • Type Master Course (extra-occupational, attendance day vary according to Semester)
  • Duration 4 Semester
  • Locations Linz
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It is the aim of the Master Course „University Didactics for Health Professional Education“ to convey scientific and didactic expertise as well as management skills, self- und social competence, which enable the participants, to work professionally in the education, further education and in comprehensive basic and advanced training in the health care sector.

These skills and interdisciplinary qualifications are acquired via educational courses; new knowledge can thus be linked to the existing experience resources. The lectures of the individual module are characterised by a balanced relationship between the scientific nature, practical training and experience. Furthermore obligatory work experience supports the teaching and a further internship, which can be partly carried out in a teaching field or as a practical instructor, and the development of professionalism. The participants also choose one of the optional subjects: training supervisor, nursing or research in the third semester.

Please note: People with a health- und nursing degree (Diploma or Bachelor) must positively complete the obligatory module „care management“, in order to get the teaching certificate in health care and nursing, as the requirement for their admission to the module „Science and Job “. The positively completed Master programme for academic teaching for the health professions depends on the positively completed module “Science and Job in the special training for teaching (in accordance with §65a GuKG).


Course Focus

In this course the focus lies on the exchange between the students’ practical experience and the reference sciences. In particular it should create an awareness for life-long learning.

  • educational sciences
  • university teaching
  • problem-oriented learning
  • e-learning
  • health sciences
  • science and research
  • project management
  • educational management
  • work experience
  • quality and evaluation of academic teaching
  • reflexion of job experiences
  • gender & diversity
  • life long learning
  • key competence


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