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Students Union

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Members of the students union

Kramer Astrid (enlarged view in the gallery)Kloiber Lukas (enlarged view in the gallery)Auinger Nadine (enlarged view in the gallery)

Astrid Kramer BA (AGM Chair), Lukas Kloiber (1st AGM Deputy Chair), Nadine Auinger (2nd AGM Deputy Chair)

Baier Daniela (enlarged view in the gallery)Tscherne Vanessa (enlarged view in the gallery)Spiessberger Johanna (enlarged view in the gallery)

Daniela Baier, Vanessa Tscherne, Johanna Spiessberger

The students union for health and nursing, university courses in nursing & management for health professionals consists of:

  • Luke Kloiber
  • Astrid Kramer BA
  • Nadine Auinger

The students union for Biomedical Analytics consists of:

  • Nina Höll
  • Katrin Lydia Kramer

Federal representation of the Austrian Students’ Union

The ÖH federal representation is the highest level of representation for students in Austria.

The local students union represents student interests on campus, providing a voice to issues and matters pertaining to students.

All students are members of the Austrian Students Union, which represents student interests on a national level. Therefore every student is obliged to pay a semester fee, which supports the Austrian Students Union in order to guarantee the independence of this organisation. This payment is a precondition for study authorization at our University of Applied Sciences.