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  • Type Bachelor Programme (full-time)
  • Duration 6 Semester
  • Locations Linz
FH Hebammen 29 09 2022 119 bearb RGB

Research Projects

  • The influence of material deprivation and social inequality on pregnancy and birth

    Term: 01.05.2022 — 30.06.2025

    Differential analysis indicates that social inequality leads to health inequality and poverty is considered a co-founder in many health care settings. This project aims to present the impact of material deprivation on maternal and neonatal obstetric outcomes.

  • Transferred home births

    Term: 12.03.2021 — 29.02.2024

    While the maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality in clinical and home births were analysed in a wide variety of studies, the data on maternal and neonatal outcomes of births, which are needed to be transferred from a home-birth setting into a clinical setting is poorly prepared and severely limited. The analysis of outcome quality after transferred home births provides important information on the process quality of extramural obstetric care.

  • The influence of the maternal age on the selected obstetric parameters

    Term: 01.01.2018 — 30.04.2019

    This project is carried out by the Bachelor Programme Midwifery in cooperation with the Institute for Clinical Epidemiology at the Tiroler Kliniken GmbH. The average birthing age in Austria has risen dramatically in the last few decades. A maternal age over 35 is discussed as an independent risk factor for the pregnancy and birth due to a higher intervention rate.

  • Practical- and expert knowledge on the care of mothers with disabilities in the peripartal context

    Term: 02.01.2017 — 28.02.2019

    The aim of the research project is to convey expert knowledge and experience in the fields of obstetrics, anaesthesia and neonatology on an inter-professional level with regard to mothers with motoric and sensory disabilities in the peripartal context.

  • Effects of the foetal gender on the selected obstetrical parameters

    Term: 01.02.2015 — 01.02.2016

    This project was executed at the University of Applied Sciences for Health Professionals Upper Austria in cooperation with the Institute for clinical Epidemiology at the Tiroler Kliniken GmbH. The gender of the unborn child and the resulting specifics have so far been overlooked in obstetrics, studies available on this are thus limited.

  • Motherhood with disability – women with motoric-, sensory- or language impairments in obstetrics

    Term: 01.10.2012 — 31.12.2015

    The aim of this project is, on the one hand, to establish to which extent special service- and support offers and structural measures were implemented in the obstetrics departments in Austria, in order to be able to guarantee both barrier-free access and equal care for women with disabilities and on the other to analyse the obstetric care, advice and nursing care of the women affected. The project is being carried out in cooperation with the FH Gesundheit Tirol (University of Applied Sciences for Health in Tyrol) and with the support of the Austrian Midwives Board.