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International relationships: Denmark & Austria

Peter from Denmark and his Girlfriend

My name is Peter I'm a 25-year-old physiotherapist student from Denmark. The reason why I decided to visit Mittersill in Austria was simply because of love.

During my education in Denmark, I happened to meet a girl abroad from Austria and we couldn't help but fall in love. So, for me the stay here in Mittersill was a test, whether or not I could imagine living here in the future. Now I can see the possibility of living here in Austria in the future - if it is in our cards.

When it came to the actual physiotherapy traineeship here in Austria, I was surprised to see that the therapy itself was similar. Although some procedures that are used and applied in physiotherapy differ to the doctrine of Denmark. This fact itself gave a lot of room for debating and arguing the topics.

But one thing is sure about my stay here in Mittersill: It helped me a lot to grow fluent in the German language - since very few patients speak English. And it also gave me room to become better at nonverbal communication 😊.