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Intensive Care

  • Type higher education course (job-enabling)
  • Duration 2 Semester
  • Locations Linz
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Lecture Dates

The lecture dates are available here (only available in German)

Course details

In the Academic Expert in Intensive Care higher education course students acquire all the skills, which are necessary for this specialised field. The expertise in technical methodology, socio-communicative and scientific skills, which were already acquired in the training /study of healthcare and nursing are extended and intensified in this specialised field. These skills are conveyed within the framework of a scientifically-based higher-education course combined with practical training at the University of Applied sciences for Healthcare Professions Upper Austria and at the professional placement. The accompanying internships offer the students the opportunity to realise and intensify their knowhow and acquired skills under expert guidance.

The higher education course is divided into modules, which are partly offered on an inter-disciplinary basis. The curriculum is characterised by a balance between in-depth theoretical education, science and work experience in the various health institutions. Graduates of the higher education course are in a position to offer full and comprehensive support and care to people, while combining the knowhow from the various disciplines. They have learned to act reflectively and autonomously in their professional daily routine and to act in accordance with their code of conduct.

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The higher education course is comprised of general and job-related nursing and medical principles as well as of the relevant content in the reference disciplines:

  • Specialised care in the various fields of intensive care
  • Specialised medical principles
  • Reference disciplines (e.g. medicine, psychology, sociology)
  • Self- and social competence
  • Basis for scientific work
  • Professional placement


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