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  • Type Bachelor Programme (full-time)
  • Duration 6 Semester
  • Locations Linz / Steyr / Wels
FH Physiotherapie 23 09 2022 161 bearb RGB

Job description

Physiotherapy supports patients in the improvement of their physical malfunctions. Physiotherapists aim to reduce pain in the musculosketal system and can revert to a wide spectrum of methods: exercise therapy, joint-related treatments, strengthening- und stretching exercises, neurophysiological therapy, lymph drainage and much more. This encourages the own initiative of the patients and effects a better body awareness and wellbeing.

The physiotherapeutic process includes the problem identification, the assessment of the problem and the solution. It requires autonomy and structure and is embedded in the basic principles of medicine, psychology, pedagogics, sociology and philosophy.

Business field

  • in the field of prevention and prophylaxe (in sports- and preventative medical facilities, medical training for health care)
  • in the curative field (hospitals, outpatients clinics, physiotherapeutic practices)
  • in the field of rehabilitation (rehabilitation- clinics and centres, spa institutes, sports-medical facilities)
  • in long-term care: old people‚Äôs homes and nursing homes, centres for the handicapped
  • in the independent practice

Possibilities of further education

The completion of this Bachelor-Programme entitles the graduate to participate in professional, but also in management or pedagogical Master Programmes in the field of the health professions. It is also possible to do further master and doctorate studies in Austria or abroad.