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EFAD Breakfast Toolkit

The aim of the EFAD Breakfast Toolkit is the development of digitally supported nutritional strategies in breakfast to optimize the choice of food. The International Breakfast Research Initiative (IBRI) consortium developed evidence-based, nutrient-based recommendations. The goal of this project is to develop tools to translate the IBRI Breakfast Nutrient Recommendations into a convenient, digital profile for individuals.

Term: 01.10.2022 — 31.12.2023

Two research groups from Austria and Spain are involved in the project. As a first step, an algorithm can be developed to condense 20 nutrient targets from IBRI Europe and North America recommendations into a single continuous score from 1-100 that could be well integrated into a digital tool. The French food consumption data from the INCA 3-survey are used to validate the score by analyzing the correlations between the proposed score and the energy content and energy density of breakfast and overall dietary quality. Focus groups will be organized with dieticians and community members to identify the key features and functionalities required for a digital breakfast educational tool. Local food consumption surveys are reviewed to identify the most common food groups consumed at breakfast.