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Occupational Therapy

  • Type Bachelor Programme (full-time)
  • Duration 6 Semester
  • Locations Linz
FH Ergotherapie 21 09 2022 111 bearb RGB

Job description

Occupational therapy is carried out on people of all ages, who are restricted in their occupational performance due to a variety of circumstances. Here the focus is on occupation/ and occupational Engagement. The aim of occupational therapy is to archieve, restore and/or maintain the Performance of meaningful activities in the context of daily life (self-care, productivity, leasure, and rest). The integrated, individually modelled measures are offered on a sensomotoric, cognitive and psychosocial level. They aim to enable the affected people to participate in society and to increase their living Quality of life.

Business field

  • in the field of health promotion and prevention
  • in the curative field (hospitals, outpatients, care and occupational therapy practices)
  • in rehabilitation and re-mobilisation
  • in long-term care facilities (care- and old people‚Äôs homes, centres for people with special needs)
  • in the psycho-social field (work training centres, supervised workshops)
  • in an independent practice

Possibilities of further education

The completion of this Bachelor-Programme entitles the graduate to participate in professional, but also in management or pedagogical Master Programmes in the field of the health professions. It is also possible to do further master and doctorate studies in Austria or abroad.