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Biomedical Science

  • Type Bachelor Programme (full-time)
  • Duration 6 Semester
  • Locations Linz / Steyr

Programme details

The Bachelor Programme „Biomedical Science“ conveys to the students all the skills and job-related know how, which they need in order to be able to carry out complex analytical process in the lab themselves and to contribute to functional measurements. Here great importance is set on the application of modern analytical technologies and of the utilisation of state-of-the-art analysis procedures.

As well as expertise in technical methodology, the students acquire socio-communicative skills such as conflict management, the ability of self-reflection, team, capacity for teamwork, role distance etc. Furthermore they learn the fundamental concepts of scientific work. In the accompanying internship the student is offered the opportunity to realise and to intensify the acquired know how under expert guidance.

The study programme is divided into modules, which are partly offered on an inter-disciplinary basis. The curriculum is characterised by a balance between in-depth theoretical education, science and work experience. Graduates of the study programme are in a position, to expertly carry out the allocated tasks, while combining the know how from the various disciplines. They have learned to act reflectively and autonomously in their professional daily routine and to act in accordance with their code of conduct.

Analyses in biomedical analytics
Analyses in biomedical analytics

Programme focus

The programme focus is comprised of general and job-related medical principles as well as of the relevant content from the reference sciences:

  • medical and natural-scientific principles such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, chemistry, cell biology analysis in the biomedical science lab analysis: haematology, clinical chemistry, histology, microbiology, immune haematology, cytology, immunology, molecular biology
  • functional measurements in medical laboratories
  • ethics, law, interdisciplinary approaches
  • self- and social competence
  • process- and quality Management
  • compulsory module in the applied and specific biomedical analysis /science
  • basis for scientific work
  • work experience


Devices in biomedical analytics (enlarged view in the gallery)Lecture for Biomedical Analytics (enlarged view in the gallery)Biomedical analytics (enlarged view in the gallery)Biomedical analytics in the laboratory (enlarged view in the gallery)Biomedical analyst handling a microscope (enlarged view in the gallery)