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Biomedical Science

  • Type Bachelor Programme (full-time)
  • Duration 6 Semester
  • Locations Linz / Steyr
FH Steyr BMA 25 01 2023 35 bearb reduziert

Job description

Biomedical Science comprises the independent and autonomous execution of analytical methods, which are necessary within the framework of the medical examination, treatment-and research institutes. The analysis procedures range from chemical analysis, automated processes to the analysis in cellular and molecular biology. The results attained form the basis for exact therapeutic measures adapted individually to the patients. Complex methodology enables the graduates to apply the varied analytical process in medicinal prevention, diagnosis, therapy monitoring and Research.Biomedical science offers the graduates a variety of professional possibilities such as in the fields of human- and veterinary medicine, in pharmaceuticals- or in the food industry.

Business field

  • biomedical laboratories in hospitals, clinics, universities
  • institutes for pathology, hygiene and microbiology
  • institutions in the blood donor and transfusion sector
  • veterinary medicine institutes and/or universities
  • science, research and industry
  • health institutions (prevention, rehabilitation centres)

Possibilities of further education

The completion of this Bachelor Programme entitles the graduate to participate in professional, but also in management or pedagogical Master Programmes in the field of the health professions.