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Which documents do I submit?

An application for nostrification must be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Proof of citizenship or passport
  2. Curriculum vitae with correct and complete information about the full educational background
  3. Birth certificate and any documents concerning change of name (e.g. marriage certificate), if the study certificates are in a previous name.
  4. Proof of residence (registration form or indication of an authorized recipient in Austria)
  5. School-leaving certificate/Matura (A-level) certificate
  6. Certificate of graduation and award of the academic degree (diploma)
  7. Transcript of Records for the entire study program
  8. Proof of a state examination (professional examination)
  9. Detailed curriculum of the completed training (broken down into theory and practice, specifying hours or units of instruction)
  10. Proof of internships completed during the course of studies (indicating the respective internship areas and the internship hours completed for each internship)
  11. Certificates of the examinations taken, including the name and number of hours of the courses attended and examinations taken (e.g. Diploma Supplement)
  12. Copy of the diploma thesis/bachelor's thesis or summary in the German language
  13. Further education and training certificates
  14. Evidence of relevant work experience (references)
  15. Scientific and/or practical work, certificates of completion, etc.
  16. Urgent recommendation: proof of sufficient knowledge of German at level B2 (or C2 in the case of speech therapy) according to the European reference framework, as a prerequisite for admission to an associate degree program.

Recognized proof of German language skills:

In particular, the following certificates are recognized as proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language for admission to the study program:

  • German as an examination subject of the school-leaving examination (level B2)
  • Supplementary German examination at a pre-study course
  • Certificate B2 of the Austrian Language Diploma German (for speech therapy: C2)
  • „TestDaF (Test German as a foreign language, with at least level TDN 4 in all exams (for speech therapy: at least level TDN 5)
  • Certificate B2 of the Language Center of the University of Vienna (for speech therapy: C2)
  • Goethe-Certificate B2 from the Goethe-Institute (for speech therapy: C2)
  • “Second level" of the German Language Diploma of the Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the states in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • ECL Exam B2 in German, issued after December 2020 by the European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages (language level C2 for speech therapy currently not available)

If other proof of knowledge of the German language is provided, the respective proof can be recognized in individual cases (if necessary, after obtaining expert opinions).

Note: All documents must be submitted as originals and as individual documents (one scan per document). Copies will be made on site. Certified German translations of foreign language documents (with the exception of English documents) must be submitted.

The general certification regulations for foreign public documents apply.