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What do I have to do if I want to be nostrified at the UAS for Health Professions Upper Austria? How does the nostrification procedure work and how long does it take?

  • Write an e-mail to the respective contact person of the relevant study program with the request for nostrification and indicate which education from which country you have acquired.
  • Submit all documents required for a nostrification procedure properly scanned (each document a color scan) as a PDF with the exact designation of the document (e.g. document name: "Bachelordiplom_SURNAME", consisting of “one”document containing the original certificate, any certification notes as well as the associated translation).
  • You will receive an appointment for a personal "orientation talk" at the UAS for Health Professions Upper Austria at the campus of the respective study program.
  • As soon as all necessary documents are available, you will receive the application form for the nostrification procedure. Please complete and sign this form and return it to us immediately.
  • You will then receive an invoice for the processing fee in the amount of € 150.00
  • The official nostrification procedure will only start as soon as all the above-mentioned documents (see "Which documents do I submit?“), and the payment have been received. From this point on, the decision period of 6 months according to §73 AVG (Recognition and Valuation Act) or 4 months according to §7 (1) AuBG (General Administrative Procedure Act) for persons entitled to asylum begins.
  • This is followed by the investigation procedure with regard to the content and formal examination of your submitted documents.
  • In the course of the procedure, you may be invited to another personal appointment, at which the "expert talk" will take place. In the course of this talk, your theoretical and practical qualifications will be reviewed and your original documents will also be examined and checked. (Please bring these with you to the appointment!)
  • After your application has been reviewed, a decision on the nostrification will be made by means of an official notice.
  • In the event that the decision stipulates the completion of courses/examinations/internships, these can be completed at the UAS for Health Professions Upper Austria. For this purpose, you will be enrolled as an associate student and pay the ÖH (student union) fee (currently € 21.20) per semester.
  • After successful completion of the prescribed courses/examinations/internships, confirmation of nostrification will follow, which, in conjunction with the previously issued nostrification notice, entitles the holder to use the corresponding domestic title BSc, professional qualification and also to be entered in the respective professional register.