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What do I have to consider when applying?

The application for the nostrification of an academic degree acquired at a foreign University of Applied Sciences (UAS) requires, among other things, that the nostrification is mandatory due to a law or a legal regulation, e.g. for practicing a profession or for continuing the applicant's education in Austria.

According to § 6 Abs 7 FHG it is not allowed to submit the same nostrification request to other university councils (more than one university council) at the same time. Therefore, we check (at least on the basis of random samples) whether your application has already been submitted to another Austrian university councils for nostrification. In this case, your application will be rejected by the UAS for Health Professions Upper Austria. Anew application to the UAS for Health Professions Upper Austria is only possible if your nostrification request has been rejected by another UAS.

Important: Nostrification is not required, for example, if professional law already exists on the basis of the Professional Recognition Directive 2006/36/EC and the Austrian transposition regulations. The regulations on EEA recognition in the professional regulations apply.

For the nostrification of a degree obtained at a foreign UAS, the following points must be observed:

    • The application for nostrification must designate the UAS degree program comparable in Austria, which is structured with regard to the requirements, the overall scope as well as the study contents in such a way that it is to be considered equivalent to the foreign UAS degree program named in the application.
    • In order to assess equivalence in terms of requirements, overall scope and study content, the relevant documents/evidence must be attached to the application form.
    • If the equivalence is basically deemed to apply and only individual supplements to the full equivalence are missing, the applicant has the right, in the case of a positive decision, to complete these courses and examinations announced by the head of the council at the UAS for Health Professions Upper Austria (as a quantitative guideline for individual supplements, a size of about 25% of the scope of performance required by the curriculum is considered).
    • No nostrification is required for the admission of a foreign UAS graduate to an Austrian doctoral program.