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Do I have to take courses/exams at the UAS for Health Professions Upper Austria?

During the examination of the content of your foreign educational qualification, it is determined whether the equivalence is basically deemed to apply (=conformity of the course content to the extent of at least 75%). If individual course contents are missing as a supplement to the full equivalence, a notice will be issued stating which courses/examinations must be completed in order to achieve equivalence.

The applicant has the right to complete the courses/examinations listed in the notification as an associate student at the UAS for Health Professions Upper Austria.

If the completion of courses/examinations is imposed to a manifestly disproportionate extent, the nostrification cannot be granted, which is why an application must be rejected in this case.

A manifestly disproportionate extent shall be deemed to apply, if it were necessary to prescribe courses/examinations to the extent of more than 25% of the scope of performance required by the curriculum of the Austrian field of study.

It should be noted that the German language competence of at least level B2 (or C2 in the case of speech therapy) is required for admission to an associate degree program at the UAS for Health Professions Upper Austria. In addition, the above mentioned proof of your German language proficiency is also required for subsequent professional authorization or registration in the health professional register („Gesundheitsberuferegister“).