Dietetics involves the fields of nutritional- and catering management as well as health promotion, prevention and therapy. Nutritional measures are applied and aimed at the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Brief programme profile

Programme type:
Bachelor Programme (full-time)
Programme duration:
6 Semester
Bachelor of Science in Health Studies (BSc)
Study places/year:
18 (1/1/0)
Programme start:
The next programme starts on 20 september 2021.
Registration deadline:
No degree course start in 2020
general university eligibility, adequate specific secondary school vocational certificate, certificate of access to higher education, relevant professional qualifications
Study fees
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The topic „nutrition“ is becoming more and more important in society. Due to the increasing health awareness of the people there is more and more demand for professional and knowledgeable nutritional therapy and advice. It is therefore the aim of the Bachelor-Programme „Dietetics“ (DL) to offer the students vocational training, which conveys the scientifically based know how while at the same time establishing the relevance to practical know how.

Programme focus

The programme focus is comprised of general and the job-related medical principles as well as of the relevant content from the reference sciences:

  • medical principles
  • principles of natural science
  • nutritional management
  • catering management
  • paediatrics
  • applied clinical dietetics
  • communication and counselling techniques
  • basis for scientific work
  • work practice

Dietetics deals with nutritional counselling as well as with the selection, compilation and calculation of specific foods for the diets of sick and/or people suspected of infection, people under particular pressure and healthy people. Dieticians carry our individual and clinical nutritional therapies within the framework of in-patient stays and offer clarification – and provide guidance. They autonomously plan and accompany the nutritional-medical counselling- and therapy process. Furthermore the dieticians make an important contribution to health promotion and prevention. They contribute in their role as multiplicators to nutritional awareness and communicate their expertise professionally and multi-medially to the different segments of the population.

Dieticians have acquired extensive know how from the various fields such as e.g. anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology, communication, pedagogic or clinical health psychology

Business field

  • hospitals (Special in-patients)
  • rehabilitation centres
  • care facilities
  • doctors‚Äô surgeries
  • food- and pharmaceutical industry
  • self-employed work

The completion of this Bachelor rogramme entitles the graduate to participate in professional, but also in management or pedagogical Master Programmes in the field of the health professions. It is also possible to do further master and doctorate studies in Austria or abroad.

Skills & Interests

Students should have the following skills and strengths:

  • interpersonal- and communication skills
  • high degree of empathy for people of all ages
  • creativity
  • flexibility

Further information for admission here

The minimum age for the Bachelor Programme is 18 years. There is no maximum age limit.

Registration Deadline

Admission procedure

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