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Enabling patient-centred and interprofessional communication along the patient journey ꟷ Focus on patient

Strengthening the health literacy of the population and creating a sustainable health care system that is oriented towards the needs of patients are central building blocks for the improvement of the national health care system in Austria. In order to involve patients in the treatment process, a holistic approach to health care from prevention to therapy and aftercare is needed in addition to strengthening general health literacy. Furthermore, patient-centred care requires improved interdisciplinary collaboration between physicians, therapists, nurses and other medical professionals.

Term: 02.05.2022 — 30.09.2024

Interdisciplinary collaboration enables a holistic view of patients and, above all, more efficient use of existing knowledge as well as human and time resources (e.g., reduction of multiple examinations, improvement of diagnosis).

The goal of this project is to lay the foundation for a digital system that actively involves the patient in the entire treatment process. While providing interdisciplinary data access for effective collaboration between physicians, therapists and nurses, it is exceeding the existing national ELGA-system that provides insights into diagnosis and therapy relevant data of the participating patients exclusively to physicians.

In particular, it is expected to find solutions to the following questions:

  • What does communication between therapists, nurses, physicians and patients currently look like?
  • What specific requirements do the respective medical professionals and patients have for such a digital system?
  • What kind of data is relevant for the respective health care professionals?
  • What is the critical information for therapists and nurses that must not be overlooked under any circumstances, especially in the course of primary care (yellow and red flags, contraindications for planned therapeutic interventions)?
  • How can such a digital, multidisciplinary system contribute to the strengthening of health literacy in the population?

Finally, all information and requirements collected in this project will be implemented in a software prototype and tested within the scope of a proof-of-concept study.


The FFG is the central national funding organization and strengthens Austria's innovative power. This project is funded by the FFG.