”HORIZONTE”- A program of the University of Applied Sciences for Health Professions Upper Austria for refugees

Starting in the academic year 2016/2017, the initiative „HORIZONTE“ enables refugees with an education or training in the health sector to attend selected courses at the University of Applied Sciences for Health Professions Upper Austria.

The initiative aims to introduce refugees to the Austrian educational system of health professions and give the the opportunity to deepen their education in this field through attending selected courses in the health sector. Additionally „HORIZONTE“ contributes to an exchange of knowledge and culture.
Participants of the initiative „HORIZONTE“ are eliged to take part in selected courses for continuing education, to learn German terminology or deepen the already mastered health profession. Precognition in the health sector as well as in the German language are mandatory, as most courses are being held in German. Participants do not have the right to a final examination or being accepted as a regular student for a certain study program. Participants officially are extraordinary students at the University of Applied Sciences for Health Professions Upper Austria.

If you have already obtained a degree in a health profession abroad and are looking for full recognition of your qualification, an application for a so called „Nostrifizierungsverfahren“ is possible. Framework, conditions and information on the application can be found here.

If you are interested in the universitys regular study program, you will find information about admission criteria here.

Application procedure “HORIZONTE”

All participants of the HORIZONTE program can attend selected classes to improve the knowledge of their health profession and to get to know the specific health vocabulary in German. The background knowledge of a profession in the health sector and knowledge of the German language are necessary requirements.

Whereas it is possible to attend selected classes, you are not entitled to do the examination of a class nor to be admitted to the regular study program. The participants of the HORIZONTE program are “external students (non-degree students)” of the University of Applied Sciences for Health Professions. Since most classes are held in German, knowledge of the German language is necessary. For the classes which are held in English, language knowledge of English is required.

1) The target group of the program is

  • §51 AsylG Asylum seekers (white card)
  • § 51a AslyG Persons entitled to asylum (blue card)
  • §52 AsylG Persons with the right to subsidiary protection (grey card)
  • §46a FPG Persons with exceptional leave to remain for humanitarian reasons
  • do have a relevant qualification and university entrance qualification or a completed university studies in the health sector.

Extraordinary students in the program „HORIZONTE“ do not have to pay tuition fees. The mandatory fee for the Austrian National Union of Students federal body of Representatives (ÖH) is being paid by the University of Applied Sciences for Health Professions Upper Austria therefore all participants have an accident and liability insurance during courses.
The status of an extraordinary student might affect social benefits, e.g. minimum collateral (Mindestsicherung). Before applying to „HORIZONTE“ we recommend to clarify matters with responsible (governmental) authorities.

Language courses
The University of Applied Sciences for Health Professions Upper Austria does not offer language courses.

Other language support:
Refugee initiative MORE by the Johannes Kepler University Linz: http://www.jku.at/content/e262/e244/e285200
City of Linz: https://www.linz.at/integration/5259.php

For an easier adjustment to Austrian culture, the university and language, every participant of „HORIZONTE“ gets a student buddy. A buddy is an experienced student for the support during studying at the University of Applied Sciences for Health Professions Upper Austria.

2) Application procedure

  1. Application form
    Completing the application form and submitting it (including the documents asked in the application form) to internationaloffice@fhgooe.at.
  2. Interview
    You will receive an invitation to an interview at the responsible study program to talk about your professional and linguistic competences. Selection of adequate courses. Please bring all necessary documents (original versions) in German or English, if available.
  3. Admission
    If all requirements are met, you will receive the status of an extraordinary student. The number of available spots depends on the number of regular students. Please note, that an admission cannot be guaranteed.
  4. Courses
    Courses start according to the study program timetable. Participants of „HORIZONTE“ do not have the right to be taken in as regular students. Absence without valid excuse can lead to an exclusion of the course and „HORIZONTE“.