Psychiatric Healthcare and Mental Health Nursing

  • Type Course type: further education course (full-time)
  • Duration 3 Semester
  • Locations Linz
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Job description

When people are affected by psychiatric or neurological illnesses, their capacity for relationship-building, communication and their lifestyle changes. The aim of the nursing and care is to perceive, accompany, and together with an inter-professional team, to structure this person’s process of change professionally and competently. The objectives of psychiatric healthcare and nursing are the nursing and care, observation, accompaniment, promotion, employment, as well as follow-up care of people with acute- or chronically-mental disorders, dependency-related illnesses, impairment of intelligence and neurological illnesses in all ages and stages of development. Furthermore, the carers also work in rehabilitation and in health promotion and prevention.

Business field

  • In psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics and other health institutions which provide psychosocial treatment
  • Consular- and liaisons service
  • In people’s-and care homes as well as institutions for the handicapped
  • In primary care centres
  • In mobile care and nursing services as well as family health care
  • In the field of health promotion and prevention
  • In freelance work
  • In psychosocial fields
  • In rehabilitation and remobilisation
  • In science, research and industry
  • In lecturing, further training/education