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Radiological Technology

  • Type Bachelor Programme (full-time)
  • Duration 6 Semester
  • Locations Linz / Steyr
Use medical device as a student Radiologic Technology Studies

Job description

As specialists in the fields of x-ray, tomographic techniques, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy, radiological technologists are responsible for the correct execution of examinations and all the work involved with this. The data from the image and in text form the indispensable basis for the further results and diagnosis by the doctor. In radiotherapy radiological technicians accompany the patients over a longer period of time and are responsible for planning the radiotherapy and for carrying out the individual treatments. As a result of their in-depth training they are also specialists for the sound radiation protection training and quality assurance.

The job of the radiological technicians is characterised by an inter-disciplinary approach and is a varied and responsible field of work.

Business field

  • hospitals (general radiological institutes, accident x-rays, children‚Äôs x-rays, orthopaedic x-rays, angiography, mammography, CT, MR, US, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy)
  • surgeries, x-ray institutes
  • veterinary medicine
  • industry and research

Possibilities of further education

The completion of this Bachelor-Programme entitles the graduate to participate in professional, but also in management or pedagogical Master Programmes in the field of the health professions. It is also possible to do further master and doctorate studies in Austria or abroad.